Digital Interplay was formerly Zoo Enterprises, Inc. and was incorporated in the state of Illinois on March 1, 1990. It was formed by Chuck Goes and Michael Bernal when they purchased the Zoo BBS, a Chicago based Bulletin Board System (BBS) that began in April, 1988. Intrigued with the technology and in order to expand into more areas, the Skyway BBS was started in 1993.

In 1994 we changed our corporate name to Digital Interplay and registered the domain name as we began to move towards the internet. We became part of the beta testing for the Internet Protocol Adaptor (IPAD) for eSoft, Inc. with the IPAD and it's technology being part of our systems today.

The internet connectivity was used only to connect the BBS' to the internet at first. Within the first year we started hosting web sites using O'Reilly and Associates' WebSite product on Windows NT servers. This product was one of the first web hosting software packages to operate on the Windows platform. Before too long, we started getting requests for dialup access to the internet from our clients and we began providing local dialup services with just 1 local phone number.

With the advent of 56K modem technology, we had to move to digital lines. We were then able to provide local dialup service covering the entire Chicagoland area through Focal Communications. This guarantees residential customers a local call every time they connect with the internet through Digital Interplay.

Over the years we have added ebusiness, list server, conferencing/chat and fax forwarding technology to our system. We are always looking at the new technologies coming out and how they fit with our clientele.

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